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We'll give your lawn everything it needs to thrive while kicking pests to the curb!

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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services for Properties in Peachtree City, GA

We offer fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, and even mole and vole control!

The largest city in Fayette County is Peachtree City, whose name speaks to the peach state - Georgia. Peachtree City has a population of just over 38,800 and is known for its use of golf carts; developers in the late 1950s built over 100 miles of paved paths dedicated to golf carts, which connect people to shopping, dining, golf, and more. While this peaceful city is a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, you can embrace nature at Lake Peachtree or Line Creek Nature Area, where you can walk on the trails and fish.

At Turf Magic, we offer our lawn care and pest control services to property owners in Peachtree City, GA. We can give your lawn everything it needs to thrive with lawn care services like fertilization and weed control, then kick pests like mosquitoes and even moles and voles to the curb with our respective services.

Achieve a Healthy, Beautiful Turf With Our Lawn Care Services

A beautiful backyard with a healthy lawn, pool, and patio hidden in the trees of Peachtree City, GA.

Your lawn is the star of your property, at the front and center, and keeping it healthy and beautiful will increase its curb appeal and make even your neighbors jealous! Fortunately, you can achieve this with our lawn care services, which are as follows:

  • Fertilization: We'll fertilize your turf several times throughout the year to supply it with all the nutrients it needs to thrive, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and iron.
  • Weed Control: We'll utilize pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from sprouting and eliminate any that have already surfaced. These treatments work against crabgrass, nutsedge, dallisgrass, doveweed, and more!
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: If you want to keep your landscape beds free of weeds, we've got just what you need! We use highly effective pre-emergent weed control treatments to control the weed population in your landscape beds, which we'll apply two times a year.
  • Aeration: We offer core aeration from April until mid-August to loosen compacted soil and improve your turf's ability to absorb much-needed nutrients.
  • Overseeding: We perform overseeding in the fall to thicken your turf and fill in bare and patchy areas.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We offer preventative and curative lawn disease control treatments to tackle diseases like large patch, brown patch, and dollar spot.

Our tree and shrub services include fertilization treatments and as-needed disease and insect control treatments.

Our pest control services can eliminate fire ants, mosquitoes, moles and voles, and more!

Pests are a nuisance, but we'll send them packing from your property with the following pest control services:

  • Fire Ant Control: We'll put the fire out of fire ants with our one-time fire ant control treatment, which will control the population for an entire year - guaranteed.
  • Grub Control: We offer preventative and curative grub control treatments to protect your lawn from a future infestation and eliminate an existing one.
  • Flea & Tick Control: We'll apply our flea and tick control treatments four times, from late March until early October, to keep you and your loved ones safe from these biting pests.
  • Mosquito Control: Our mosquito control program includes ten treatments from the end of March until the first of November, which will drastically reduce the mosquito population on your property.
  • Mole & Vole Control: If you have a mole or vole infestation, fret not! We'll use highly effective bait to tackle these pests, then return 10-14 days afterward to monitor the progress and apply more if needed.

Schedule Any of Our Lawn Care & Pest Control Services Today

At Turf Magic, we offer professional lawn care and pest control services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Peachtree City, GA, from fertilization and weed control to fire ant and mosquito control, we can do it all! Call (478) 342-1689 to schedule any of our services today.

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