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A nice house with a healthy front lawn in Forsyth, GA.
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We’ve used Turf magic for over two years now and have been happy. If we’ve ever had an issue with weeds they have always sent someone out at no extra charge to take care of it. Sean is always friendly and does a fabulous job every time!! Thanks Turf magic for making our yard look amazing.

Angela R

Our yard was in pretty rough shape. I found Turf Magic by online search and man am I glad I did. Our yard has looked amazing since switching to Turf Magic. They are very professional, love that I get texts letting me know when they are coming and when job is complete. Prices are very competitive for the area. Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely kind and knowledgeable.

Sean E

I started using this company for services over 2 years ago after wanting a company that wasn’t commercialized. I had a new construction home with new sod. My yard was full of weeds and they got rid of them all and I haven’t had a weed issue since other than the occasional few here and there which is understandable. I get that weather and other things are a factor in weed control. Overall I have zero complaints and would recommend this company to anyone I know! They are friendly and professional! Go with Turf Magic!

Chloe P

Jason and his team at Turf Magic define "customer service". When I first called Jason, I was planning to take down 5 trees in my front yard. He came to the house, understood my needs and helped create a plan to get the yard back in healthy shape. With a little time, proper weed control management, water and aeration, my yard is looking great!! His team always lets us know the day and time they will come and what services will be provided with each treatment. It is clear, communication and customer satisfaction is a priority in what they do. This is hard to find nowadays! I highly recommend Turf Magic to anyone!

Sherry D

Josh did an excellent job showing me how the weeds they were treating are getting better and almost gone. He also told me exactly what he was doing today. He told me about the pre-emergent and herbicide he applied. He asked if I had any problems or questions about our yard. He was very friendly and answered any questions I asked! Great job Josh! We appreciate you helping our lawn look pretty!

Tim F

We moved into Georgia and river forest in 2016. Within the first 3 months we began our relationship with turf magic. The relationship has been well managed by turf magic. They arrive on time and communicate with the home owner defining the responsibility of the homeowner.

Darrin N

These guys are plug n play. You call, tell ‘em what you need and on time every time they service your yard. Had them for three yrs not once hv I had to call them to complain. The only time I even have to call them up about anything is when I decide I need additional services. Good team!

Patrick P

In our first year with Turf Magic the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I was certain that it would take two years to eradicate the weeds on our property but when spring arrived not a single weed was visible. Highly recommend!

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