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Weed Control in Forsyth, Griffin, Peachtree City, & Nearby Areas in Georgia

Eliminate weeds from your lawn with our top-notch weed control services. 

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Weed Control in Forsyth, GA, & Surrounding Cities Like Griffin & Peachtree City

Our treatments target common weeds such as crabgrass, poa annua, doveweed, and more.

A lawn overgrown with crabgrass weed.

Weeds are unwanted guests on any lawn. Not only do they tarnish the appearance of your turf, but they also steal nutrients from your grass. If you're tired of weeds ruling your yard, then we stand ready to partner with you. At Turf Magic, we provide our professional weed control service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Forsyth, GA, and surrounding cities like Griffin and Peachtree City.

Our team offers an 8-step weed control program that runs throughout the year and provides protection from weeds in every season. The program features both pre-emergent and post-emergent liquid herbicide treatments that target common weeds such as crabgrass, poa annua, doveweed, and more. Plus, our treatments are pet-friendly. If you're ready to vanquish weeds from your property, call us today at (478) 342-1689 to sign up for our weed control services!

Our Weed Control Schedule

A weed control solution sprayer standing on a lawn.

Weeds are always lurking on lawns in Forsyth, GA, and nearby areas. That's why we offer year-round weed control treatments to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners. Our 8-step weed control program starts in January and runs through December to combat weed development in every season. To have the maximum impact on your turf, we also include fertilization and lime treatments with our weed control treatments. You can find our complete lawn care schedule below.

  • Step 1 (January-February): We apply winter pre-emergent weed control that targets poa annua, crabgrass, and early spring broadleaf weeds. Our team also applies a post-emergent, blanket herbicide treatment to kill any weeds that have started to form on your lawn.
  • Step 2 (February-March): We apply spring pre-emergent weed control that targets crabgrass and spring broadleaf weeds, in addition to another round of our blanket herbicide treatment.
  • Step 3 (March-April): Our team applies your first fertilizer treatment of the year to help your turf grow healthy and green as winter turns to spring.
  • Step 4 (April-May): Our team applies your final pre-emergent weed application before your grass enters the growing season to proactively fend off crabgrass, nutsedge, and doveweed. We also apply slow-release, liquid fertilizer with iron to power healthy grass growth in the months to come.
  • Step 5 (June-July): We apply slow-release granular fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and iron to promote the development of your lawn's root system. This is the most important fertilizer application of the growing season.
  • Step 6 (August-September): We apply pre-emergent weed control that is highly effective at preventing the development of poa annua weeds.
  • Step 7 (October-November): Our team applies a lime treatment to your lawn to regulate your soil pH so that your grass can absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  • Step 8 (November-December): In our final application of the year, we apply pre-emergent weed control to fight against winter and spring weeds and a blanket herbicide treatment to knock out any poa annua weeds that may have surfaced on your lawn.

We perform our lawn care treatments every 6 to 8 weeks so that your turf never goes too long without a boost.

Are our weed control treatments pet-friendly?

Yes, our weed control treatments are pet-friendly! That's because we use only liquid herbicide to treat your lawn for weeds. Once the herbicide absorbs and your grass is dry to the touch, then it is safe for you and your pets to use. You do not have to worry about your beloved dog or cat getting sick when you utilize our weed control services. Just allow your grass time to dry!

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Have unsightly weeds been popping up on your lawn? You can get rid of them and reclaim your yard with our weed control services. We provide safe, effective weed control treatments throughout the year to home and business owners in Forsyth, Griffin, Peachtree City, and nearby areas in Georgia. Our treatments eliminate the most pervasive weeds in our area, including crabgrass, poa annua, and many more. Eliminate weeds from your lawn. Call us today at (478) 342-1689 to schedule our weed control service!

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