Tips from the Pros

Cutting Your Lawn

Turf should be cut on a regular basis with mower blades that are maintained and sharp. Dull blades can damage the turf which will induce stress and diseases. You should never remove more than 1/3 of your turf blade in a single cutting. Proper cutting heights depend on several conditions, but here is a basic guide for turf found in middle Georgia.

Bermuda: .50″ – 1.5″

Zoysia Grass: .75″ – 2″

Centipede Grass: 1″ – 2″

Tall Fescue: 2′ – 4″

Removing the clipping from your lawn is only needed if they are long. If a lawn is mowed frequently you do not need to remove the clipping. Mulching the clippings back into the turf actually allows them to decompose, which puts nutrients back into the soil.

*Some Zoysia grass may require removal of clippings, depending on turf density.

Correct Method to Water Your Lawn

Correct Method: Deep Watering

Most lawns should be watered once a week between the 1:00am and 8:00am. Your lawn should be “deep watered” at a rate of 1″. This will encourage the turf’s roots to grow deep and thrive.

Incorrect Method: Frequent Shallow Watering

Watering frequently in small amounts of water encourages a shallow root growth. Over time this causes the turf to starve of nutrients and water making your turf vulnerable to disease and weed infestation.