Services We Offer

Fertilization / Weed Control Programs

Our custom seven application fertilization and weed control program is proactive and ensures your lawn is healthy and thriving. Turf Magic strives to prevent problems instead of reacting to them.

Tree & Shrub Programs

Our custom, year-round program protects your trees and shrubs from insect damage and diseases. This makes them more resistant to drought and stress, producing a healthier plant and more vibrant color. We are one of few companies here in Georgia that offers true “Deep root” feeding.

Mosquito Control Program

Turf Magic offers a Mosquito Control Program which combats the mosquito population and helps prevent new mosquitoes from developing.

Core Aeration

Looking to revitalize your lawn? Our aeration service transforms the thin, bare areas of your lawn into a thick layer of turf for a healthy, green lawn. Our core aerator pulls 1″ – 3″ plugs from the soil. This allows water and oxygen to penetrate the ground to help build a deep healthy root system.

The red clay based soil found in Georgia is easily compacted. This makes it difficult for water to penetrate the soil, resulting in run-off. Compacted soil also keeps the turf’s root system from growing, therefore the turf becomes stressed and thin.

Fire Ant Control

Turf Magic uses TopChoice®, which come with a one year guarantee. This product is not available to home owners and must be purchased and applied only by licensed professionals.

Fungicides/Insecticide Treatments

Fungicide and insecticide treatments make sure that brown spots and nuisance pests do not become a problem. As your lawn care professional, we are able to identify fungus and insect issues. After a proper diagnoses, we execute the most efficient treatment making sure that brown spots and nuisance pests do not continue to be a problem. Ask about our proactive treatments to ensure that your lawn doesn’t fall victim to natures pests.

PH and Soil Management

We pride ourselves in managing your soil through state of the art laboratory analysis. Turf Magic will collect a soil sample to be analyzed. This will provide us with all of the pertinent information to maintain optimal soil conditions which will produce a healthy and vibrant turf.
Want to learn more about each of our programs? Give us call at (478) 342-1689 or email us and we’ll be glad to discuss your lawn needs. We provide free estimates.